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Every business has the potential to create a lasting effect on its community. The impact that an organization with a strong corporate social responsibility program could have on charitable programs can be significant. Our practice acknowledge that giving back is an essential business and community value that is sustained with the regular investment of time and resources into building energy around charitable programs, and offering multiple ways for our staff and clients to contribute. 


We provide our private wealth clients philanthropic consulting, management and administrative services that is straightforward and cost-effective.

At KT&A Advisory we are proud supporters of Refugee Migrant Children Centre (RMCC), a not-for-profit organisation supporting kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds who now call Australia home. RMCC kids often face more barriers than their peers. These can include learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture, overcoming significant gaps in education, and living with experiences of trauma, racism and financial hardship.


RMCC provides kids with extra support so they can thrive in school and in life. Working with the key figures in a child's life - their school, teachers, family, community - they create tailored after-school mentoring programs that support kids to achieve positive educational and social outcomes.

Online Tax Deductible Donation Drive Supporting RMCC

Our last charity dinner was a success with pre-event online donations, dinner table donations, and silent auctions. Though COVID is preventing us from hosting a dinner this year, we know RMCC kids need our support more than ever - so we're hoping to raise even more this time!

Please visit this link to contribute and donate to this worthy cause. Your donations are tax deductible in the Financial Year made. Please support RMCC, Thank you

Charity Dinner Supporting RMCC - Nov 2019

It was a very successful Client & Charity Dinner in support of The Refugee Migrant Children Centre. RMCC helps kids from refugee and migrant background thrive in school and life by supporting their settlement journey to give them the fresh start they deserve. Everyone had a great evening of dining with cultural performances and fundraising activities. The event raised close to $30,000 from pre-event online donations, onsite dinner donation and silent auctions.

A huge  "Thank you" to all our clients and associates in helping make this a successful event of a worthy cause.

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